Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mike & Brenda's visit and Memorial Day Weekend

Mike and Brenda came to visit us in New Hampshire and attend an Andrus wedding in Boston.
Their first day here I took them to the nearby Robert Frost farm where we toured the farmhouse and learned about the Frost family.  We also went to a exhibit of art inspired by Frost's poetry and went for a nature walk at the Audubon Center along Lake Massabessic.

 We had gorgeous weather the whole time they were here.  Spring in New England is the best!  They spent Friday sight seeing in Boston and Saturday busy with the wedding.

 Their last day here we went to Lexington and Concord.  This picture is yard and boat house of the Old Manse house next to the North Bridge in Concord.

 We toured the Orchard House, where the story Little Women was written by Louisa May Alcott.  The Alcotts lived here and inspired her stories.

It was so great having them visit.  They shot hoops with Curtis and listened to music with Trevor.

It rained for a solid week after Mike and Brenda left.  Jonathan and I worked hard to finish the raised-bed garden boxes so I could plant my seedlings. 

 We're trying "Hugel Kultur" gardening, using natural ingredients like decaying wood, compost, chicken manure, peat moss and vermicullite.  We're growing potatoes, onions, corn, peas, beans and squash.  Next is the drip irrigation and row covers for cold nights and season extension.

 Jonathan got a nasty spider bite that turned into celluitis.  He had two injections of antibiotics, then a course of oral and topical antibiotics.  It's feeling a lot better, but will take awhile to heal completely.
By the way, the bees are doing great; building lots of comb and filling up the cells.

We had a few families from church over on Memorial Day.  The kids skateboarded down the driveway and ran around the yard.

Hensch's brought their instruments for a jam session.

KJ was excited to finally get a bull's eye!


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

That's one nasty spider bite! Your raised beds look great. Could we go see those things you took Brenda and Mike to in October? I'm so glad they got to see you in your natural habitat.

brenda said...

Glad to see Jonathan got the banjo out! Thank you for being such great hosts! It's fun having a place to stay in new England.

Wanda Jean Wach said...

So nice to see the change of seasons in your Blog--fall, to winter, to spring. Beautiful area you live in. You are getting quite a few visitors since you've moved there, and more to come it sounds like..that's nice. I remember seeing the Orchard House from a tour bus..as the driver told us what we were driving by. We were on a New England cruise, and stopped in Boston for 1 day, so took a tour of the historical highlights. Neat that you were able to actually go inside that home. Ohhhh...Jonathan's cellulitis looks awful...grateful he is doing better, but that cellulitis can be so damaging. Great photos - good times and loved looking at all of it!

velvetelement said...

Sounds like a fun visit with the Andrus's. your raised beds look cool, I haven't seen them like that before!