Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nor'Easter Nemo in New Hampshire

Nemo Nor'Easter Storm

The pole fencing at the top of our yard

I'd never heard of nor'easters until we moved here, but now I've weathered one.  We got 2 feet of snow Friday night and Saturday morning.  The pictures don't really capture the depth as well as trying to walking through snow up to your knees.  It was also very windy and we lost another tree.

View of our driveway from inside the garage

This is what we saw when we woke up Saturday morning

Here's some good things about the storm:
It happened on the weekend when Jonathan wasn't gone on a business trip.
We have a large snow blower that can move snow that deep.
Everything closes down and people stay home and off the roads until they're cleared.
We didn't lose power, so we stayed warm and entertained.
The cats have a litter box and the chickens have a heated hen house.

I've had a bad cold for over a week, so I stayed inside and read Orson Scott Card's "Rachel and Leah."  Curtis had fun playing in it and helped dad by shoveling the deck.  Trevor was sad that the Stake Dance was cancelled.  He was looking forward to going, but will have to wait for the next one.
It took Curtis awhile to shovel off our deck
Jonathan spent about four hours snow blowing our driveway and the neighbor's on either side of us.    We're sure glad the previous owners left us the snow blower.

Jonathan snow blowing the driveway

Glad to be inside to de-frost