Tuesday, August 26, 2008

valley vacation

With the end of summer quickly approaching, we took a few "vacation days" to visit my folks in the valley.  Yesterday we went to Enchanted Forest near Salem.  It had been a few years so it felt like Curtis' first time.  I was worried that Jason would think it was too little kiddish, but he had as much fun as the other two.  It was a great day to visit, as it was drizzly, cool and overcast.  The lines for the rides were short or non-existent.  Curtis' favorite was the Log Ride where they went really fast and got wet at the end.  Trevor's favorite was the Indian Cave where they played hide n seek.  Jason's favorite was Challenge of Mondor where you get to shoot at goblins.

Today for our "vacation" we picked 15 quarts of blackberries to freeze and take home.  Ken's girls joined us for this annual harvesting, as well as meeting us at the fun outdoor pool in the afternoon.   Emily also helped pick berries and played with us at the pool.  She just moved here to start school at OSU and run cross country.

We're exhausted from having so much fun.  
We go home tomorrow to get ready for a new school year.