Monday, May 13, 2013

Dinos, Birds and Bees

 During Curtis' Spring Break (end of April) I took him to the traveling automated Dinosaur exhibit

Last week I went with Curtis' 8th grade group to tour Washington D.C. (another blog post). Part of the tour was visiting the National Zoo.  Emily Maloy and her kids joined us and we saw lots of birds.  They are good friends from Bend that now live in Maryland where Wyatt is in Medical school through the Air Force. It was great to see them. Emily is expecting #6 any day.
Sheryl, Emily, Ian, Amanda and Keith (Dokey)

Ian, Dokey, and Mary

On Mother's Day, we picked up our two packages of bees (10k each) and installed them successfully in the deluxe hives Jonathan built.

The queen comes in her own cage.  The other bees eat the candy cork to release her inside the hive gradually.

Curtis was nervous at first, but after suiting up and watching Jonathan, he jumped in and helped (he's brushing strays into the hive box so they don't get smushed).  No bee stings yet!


velvetelement said...

That is so cool! If you have honey by this summer you will have to bring some to taste test!!!

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Hope there are lots of blossoms around so they can get nectar.