Monday, June 10, 2013

Welcome Guests and Unwanted Pests

Our welcomed June visitors were Beth and Jared Nelson.  I grew up with Beth in Corvallis.  They were here for their oldest son Brad's graduation from Darthmouth in Hanover, NH.  We went for a walk after dinner and stayed up late talking.  In the morning, Beth took me for a run.  I'm really out of shape and she's in really good shape.  She's starting running ten miles a day as a way of coping with a recent family tragedy.  It was so great to reconnect with them!

Beth and Jared Nelson before leaving for the temple

The unwanted pests are deer munching on our fruit trees and the worst is a weasel that one by one killed five of our chickens.  This persistent critter has broken through fence boards and ripped off netting to get into our chicken yard.  We thought we had things secured, but obviously not enough.  Jonathan lined the bottom of the wood fencing (and under it) with pig wire and rocks.  He stapled chicken wire to fence boards every linear inch along the top of the coup.  We've also set a live trap outside the fence to catch the rascal, but no luck yet.  We lock the remaining two hens in their hen house at night.

Jessica celebrated her 21st birthday with the Brewsters.  I sent her some 2nd hand maternity clothes.  This is the first time we haven't been together to celebrate with her, but our annual trip to Oregon is in 3 weeks!  Curtis also had a birthday this week (#14) and had some friends over for pizza, flan and games.
Curtis' birthday flan--great idea, Curtis!

He's so easy to please.  All he wanted from us was a trip to BK for a whopper, shake and soda.

School here goes until June 21st because of all the snow days.  Trevor's already checked out of school for the year, but has started going to counseling. Curtis is busy with end of year projects and celebrations.  He starts high school and seminary next year.  Can you believe it? 


Wanda Jean Wach said...

Fun reading your Blog entries! I bet you are all excited about that trip to Oregon...flying or driving? Your boys are growing up SO fast. Weasels and deer....Nature and people sometimes don't mix I guess. I think Jonathan will win this one, though...Jonathan 1 Weasel 0!

Ken said...

We did battle with a weasel who was killing pigeons at the Nautilus. Long story short, the weasel won, even after calling in a professional.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

It sounds like weasels are pretty wiley.
Love Curtis' curly hair.

jessica said...

Only 2 chickens!?! Trevor is going to starve!

velvetelement said...

Happy Birthday to Curtis! Good luck with the weasel.

Neil said...

don't you just need a whole bunch more chickens? And a roster? Then you and the weasel can be at equilibrium. Or how about adding a bobcat to the equation?