Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Colors

The Fall Foliage season is a big deal here.  Here's a picture of our side yard.  It's hard to capture the beauty of the area because the trees are so tall and numerous.

We went to the White Mountains (about two hours away) at the height of the season and the busiest weekend to see what it was all about.  When we first arrived at Fraconia State Park we paid to hike the Flume Gorge amidst a throng of people in the rain.   It was very beautiful and reminded me of  Silver Falls OR.  We got soaked.  It was very cool to walk along water falls among falling leaves. 

The next day we went on some less traveled paths (for free) and saw a beaver dam and blue heron up close as we followed the river. 

We saw where the "Old Man of the Mountain" used to be up high on a granite cliff before a rock slide removed his profile nine years ago.  He's on our license plates and highway signs.


Instead of spending the money on a tram ride, we decided to hike up Cannon Mountain to see the view.  It was VERY steep.  The boys made it up to the top and I almost did before I turned around to carefully make my way back down.   The view was amazing and it didn't rain that day.

We stayed in a ski lodge outside of town.  I loved that we didn't have internet in our room, so we played games and went swimming.  Jason and I listened to one session of conference in the lounge (we shared ear buds) and we listed to another one on the way home the next day.

Columbus day was a holiday here (except for Jason).  After we got home from our trip, Trevor and Curtis played in the leaves before mowing the lawn and Jonathan worked on the deck.

Other highlights of September:
Trevor's 16th birthday.  He's enjoying his guitar class at school and programming a robot with Jonathan.

Jason working overtime seeding and aerating for a local landscaping company.  He drives a company truck and wears a uniform.  He likes the work and is saving lots of money (finally).