Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mt McLoughlin Climb

Neil and Pam joined us on Thursday of Girls Camp last week and each led a group of 10 YW and leaders to the summit of Mt McLoughlin.
This is me "bouldering"
Jessica and I went in Neil's group with some older girls
Neil kept tabs on the fastest girls and took an hour long nap
on the top of the mountain waiting for the rest of our group
This is the hardest part. I had to stop and catch my breath frequently.
Jessica on top with the reflection of the summit
Jessica took pictures of me and the rest of our group making the final steep steps
We made it to the top after five hours and 5.5 miles of climbing 4000 feet.
Lunch break at the top (nap time for Neil)
Thanks, brother, for keeping us from getting lost and carrying my pack.
Thanks, Pam, for leading the slowest group. I'm sorry you missed Erik's crossing over.
We couldn't have made it without your leadership.