Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tale of two turkeys

In April we got 4 baby chicks from the feed store to raise more laying hens. Of the four, one was a rooster and two were turkeys. The turkeys were mislabeled, and though slightly larger than the chickens, we thought they must be a few days older and a different breed. After a few weeks we noticed that their necks were getting longer, they were growing much faster, and had a strut to their walk. Lo and behold, we were inadvertently raising turkeys, a male and female. They grew up with the chickens, although it didn't take long for them to be the same size as our adult hens. The problem was that they eat like pigs and weren't nice about sharing the feed. Late summer, as soon as they seemed large enough (10 lbs each) Jonathan and Trevor slit their throats, along with the rooster and spent a few hours pulling all the feathers out. After spending a few months in the freezer we cooked them for Thanksgiving dinner. Very yummy moist meat, with little fat for our turkey feast. Jonathan thinks we should do it next year on purpose, but I'm not sure it's worth the work. We have four lovely hens than lay almost every day, and that's good enough for me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

October Favorite pics

We love Halloween!!!  Here's some pictures of our fun October.  The boys designed their own costumes this year based on Nintendo characters.

Mario and Luigi (Trevor and Jason) were a big hit at Trunk or Treat.
I found the overalls at a thrift store.

Curtis as "Bowser."  Trevor helped him make this costume with a lid, hat and paper.  P.S. I didn't know who Bowser was before Halloween, but all the fellow trick-or-treaters did.

Trevor's scary Jack O Lantern

   Curtis was fearless on the pumpkin patch  zipline after his adventures at Camp Alpine.

Petting a goat on field trip to a working farm in Terrebonne. 

Curtis choosing a pumpkin on his school field trip

Our new cat "Boots."  Curtis says Boots is Halloween colors and our other cat, Muffin, is Thanksgiving colors.  Boots is a playful, older kitten.  Muffin had some sibling rivalry, but has adjusted to Boots' playful companionship and is only slightly annoyed.  We love both cats. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

7 weird things about me (because it's so cold)

We've had a cold snap and our first snowfall this last week, so I'm in a winter frame of mind.
1. I wear socks to bed; I can't sleep without them because it is so cold.
2. I wear long johns every day during the winter (except to church) because it is so cold
3. I don't shave during the winter because I'm wearing long johns (except to church when I wear tights because it is so cold).
4. I have to force myself to go outside to feed the chickens in the winter because it is so cold (I don't mind feeding them when it's warm.  BTW our new hens are laying beautiful brown and green eggs now so I need to keep feeding them.)
5. I don't like driving on ice.  I slid off the rode when we first moved to Bend with Curtis and Trevor screaming with me in the car.  Ever since then, I'm overly cautious on ice and I don't care how many impatient drivers are behind me.   There's no ice yet, but there will be soon BECAUSE IT IS SO COLD!!
6. I love to cross-country ski, but I haven't been in a few years because I can't find anyone to go with me.  Do you think I would get any offers on craigslist?
7. This doesn't have to do with winter, but 3 of my kids were born on Thursday.  Curtis is the one who broke this tradition and he's been out of the mold ever since.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Change in seasons and lots of changes for my family this fall.  Jason started highschool and seminary, so he has had to adjust to getting up at 5:30am.  I'm proud of him for his 100% attendance and positive attitude.  He has also had to adjust to lots of homework.

Curtis also started a new school this fall and has had lots of adjustments as well.  His misses his old school and aides as he works with inexperienced people who don't know what he is capable of. His main complaint is that he is bored, so they are trying to find projects that keep him motivated.  He goes swimming during school on Tuesdays, gymnastics and cub scouts on Wednesdays, and soccer on Fridays.

Jessica is trying to balance difficult classes and still work part-time at Cold Stone.  She loves the independence of driving and likes to have her own spending money.  She is running a half-marathon today for the fun of it.  She hasn't been doing any serious training and just runs for exercise.  

Trevor's big change is moving out of Primary and becoming a deacon.  It's fun to watch him pass the sacrament from my vantage point at the organ.  He went on a big backpacking trip last weekend with the scouts, got rained on and cold, but had a blast in the wilderness.  He is also doing gymnastics through school and is a natural at the dive and roll maneuver.

My big change is being released from Young Womens.  It was very hard for me and I don't know what to do with myself on Wednesday evenings.  Jonathan and I are now Provident Living specialists and ward organists.  I feel like these are old lady callings and I've been put out to pasture.  I've been busy canning this month (peaches, pears and jam), so at least I have something to show for the hours that I'm home alone.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

valley vacation

With the end of summer quickly approaching, we took a few "vacation days" to visit my folks in the valley.  Yesterday we went to Enchanted Forest near Salem.  It had been a few years so it felt like Curtis' first time.  I was worried that Jason would think it was too little kiddish, but he had as much fun as the other two.  It was a great day to visit, as it was drizzly, cool and overcast.  The lines for the rides were short or non-existent.  Curtis' favorite was the Log Ride where they went really fast and got wet at the end.  Trevor's favorite was the Indian Cave where they played hide n seek.  Jason's favorite was Challenge of Mondor where you get to shoot at goblins.

Today for our "vacation" we picked 15 quarts of blackberries to freeze and take home.  Ken's girls joined us for this annual harvesting, as well as meeting us at the fun outdoor pool in the afternoon.   Emily also helped pick berries and played with us at the pool.  She just moved here to start school at OSU and run cross country.

We're exhausted from having so much fun.  
We go home tomorrow to get ready for a new school year.