Friday, September 7, 2012

End of summer, beginning of Autumn in NH

It's been a month since my last post and a lot has happened since then.
I started a new job, part-time as an accounting clerk for an engineering firm.
The hours are perfect and I'm getting the hang of it.  It was overwhelming at first.

Curtis and Trevor started school this last week and are adjusting well.
They have a lot a help at first from "para professionals" (no aides in NH)
Trevor has two computer classes and guitar for elective.
Curtis is getting used to a locker and homework every night.
Their schools are much smaller here because we live in a small town.

Jason is working as a cook at a restaurant and likes it.  He eats for free!
Jonathan tore out the deck, patio door and rotten wood underneath.
He replaced the wood and put in a nice french door.  Now the deck...

On Saturday of Labor Day weekend we went to the coast.
My boss told me a good place to go so it much better than our 1st attempt
(4th of July to a crowded postage stamp next to the road).

This time we went to the only island in NH and it was great!
The island-town is New Castle and Great Island Common is a big park.

Trevor had a blast burying Curtis (who was a willing participant).
Jason napped while I read.  It was too windy for badmitten.

We also visited some old military forts, one on the island
and the other across the bay in Maine.  Jonathan liked this, of course
and Curtis was so excited to drive over the bridge into Maine.

The leaves are starting to turn in our backyard.
Next month's post I'll have pictures of the NH fall colors.
I know I paint a rosy picture of our lives here.
The biggest challenge is early-morning seminary.
Jonathan drives an hour each morning to take Trevor.
The main thing we miss about OR is friends and family.

BTW Curtis had a great time at scout camp.
We had a big court of honor in our yard end of August.
Another highlight of August was going with Curtis and Trevor
to the Boston temple for a youth baptism trip.