Friday, October 23, 2009

A month of illness

We've had the sick bug (no flu, just colds) at our house this last month. Trevor was the last to get it and finally went back to school today. I have not been getting any better and even worse this last week, so I finally went to the doctor to confirm that it is a virus (lingering bugger called MONO) and has to just run its course--no antibiotics will help. I learned a lot this week about treating colds. I have always shied away from over the counter cold medicine, thinking it's just a waste of money and won't help you get better faster. I guess I was wrong on that account. Not only do they help you feel better (although I can't tell much difference in my state), but if you reduce the drainage, it will prevent other problems like sore throats, sinus infection, etc. The NP was encouraging me to try a Neti Pot. Polly wrote about that. You irrigate your nasal passages with saline that clears everything out. I haven't tried it. I'm wondering if Polly liked it and think it helps prevent/treat congestion.

So, mono is like a cold that never ends. I guess it will end eventually, but saps all your energy in the meantime. On the up-side jonathan banned me from housework this week and so I have more time on the computer and I've been watching old Monk episodes.

Question: has your family been healthy this fall. If not, how do you treat your illnesses?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July Pictures

Trevor's favorite part of scout camp

We brought our French exchange student, Sofia
and Grandma & Grandpa camping at our property
"The Hideout"
Sam also came to camp and ride dirt bikes

Jessica, Sofia and Jonathan all geared up to ride

Sam loves to ride!

Sofia getting the hang of it

Sam rides some more

Late night S'mores!

Grandpa helps Trevor get the coals started for dutch oven dinner
Trevor did all the cooking that weekend for Cooking Merit Badge

Sam, Grandma, and Grandpa waiting for dinner
We hiked with Sofia to the top of Pilot Butte

Sparks Lake with Mt Bachelor in the background

We canoed and had a picnic

Jessica and Curtis cooling off
We set up the pool in time for the heat wave!

Sofia and Jessica with Jesse & Rachel Sorensen
Big Obsidian Flow at Newberry Crater
Paulina Falls
Top of Obsidian Flow

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Camp Alpine Family Reunion Pictures

Lakeside spectators

Ann Marie ziplines to her dad
Jessica and Wes in the canoe

Sam and Curtis canoeing

Grandma ziplining!!
see video below

We're ready to take another plunge!

Curtis works on his archery skills

Everyone wants S'mores!!

Getting things rolling: Trevor amuses himself on spool

4 out of 5 siblings (why is Neil always late?)

It was fun to watch a game of ultimate frisbee

cards games in the dining hall

couples fireside

Older cousins put on a skit:
"It's the raisins that make the Raisin Bran so great!"

Talent show audience: what a great group!

Grandma shares her 71st birthday with Jason Campbell

Virginia Reel

grandma ziplining

Sunday, June 7, 2009

June birthdays

Here's our new phase of life, with big kids enjoying our new property, trailer, and dirt bikes.

Jessica's birthday breakfast at IHOP with mom, dad and Curtis:YUM!

Jessica's birthday dinner (halibut)

Jessica's boyfriend, Wes, came for dinner and brought a cake he made.

complete with 17 re-lighting candles

Friday night was our first night camping on the property in our new (used) trailer.
Unity as a result of camping.

View of kitchen/dining area. The trailer sleeps five.

We bought a used travel trailer from a member of our ward who towed
it for us and helped set it up. It is in its permanent location now.

Now we have 3 dirt bikes. We got a Honda 70 for Curtis.
Jonathan helps Curtis learn to ride his dirt bike.

By the next day, Curtis could ride by himself and even start the engine!

Jason and Trevor riding.
There are lots of dirt roads around the property perfect for riding.

We came home from camping in time to get ready for Curtis' 10th
birthday party. Curtis broke the pinata.

Squirt gun fight. We also had a slip n slide and water balloons.

Curtis with his aide and friends from school.

We finished off our busy weekend with a piano recital at our home.
Trevor and Jessica performed along with 7 other students.