Friday, June 1, 2012

Visiting Jonathan in our new home

 I took Curtis and Trevor with me to visit Jonathan in our new home the first weekend of May.  We flew with our two cats, who handled the trip fine with sedatives and love exploring our new home.
 We have 2.5 acres of land; the back of it is wooded and borders two large ponds.  We also discovered how to remove ticks and treat for bites (Jonathan and one of the cats had multiple bites).
 We took Curtis and Trevor to a nearby fun park where we played mini-golf, laser tag and go carts.  Maybe Jason can get a job there:)  The boys loved it. 
 We went for a walk near Trevor's high school.  There's a bike path the stretches for 10 miles.  It's really beautiful countryside.  Jonathan picked a nice area for us to live in outside of the city.
 Curtis at dusk checking out our ride-on lawn mower.  It takes Jonathan a hour to mow the grass.  He's looking forward to the boys taking over weekly chore.
We visited the school while we were there.  We went to church in our ward;it's small but friendly.  I found some chicks for sale at the feed store a town away and we bought 8 chicks.  Jonathan has spent all his free time this month building a coop and yard for them because they quickly outgrew the bins in the basement.
Jonathan also bought me peach and apple trees for Mother's Day and planted them.  He said there are already peaches on the tree.  I'm so excited!   We won't have time to put in a garden until next year:)
Our visit went so fast and it was hard to say goodbye again.  The next time we see Jonathan will be when we're getting ready to drive the whole family out there for good!
My baby trees are on the left outside the fence.


Ken said...

Looks beautiful. Reminds me of Groton, Ct.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Thanks for posting pictures. Ken, you should visit there and Groton for old time's sake.

sheryl said...

Ann Marie would love the wild life

darkfire said...

You have such a cute house! Hopefully all that lawn to mow will also mean plenty of room for the boys to do whatever they want.