Saturday, April 21, 2012

End of an era

It was sad to say goodbye to our home of eleven years this week.  The move went so smoothly with only invited (and hired) helpers.  Three men loaded everything into the Penske truck in five hours.  The Mattsons had helped me pack and stack everything ahead of time into the staging area (garage).

We are now settled into our little third-floor apartment.  It is surprisingly clean and quiet with lots of cupboards for storage.  Our tuxedo cat, Boots, is not a happy camper being stuck inside (I'm afraid he'll run back to Baskin Ct or get run over), so yesterday we bought him a collar and lease so we can take him on supervised trips to the back yard.

We've hiked the Butte 4 times this week, even with the move, because we are right next to it.  I don't have any pictures to show you because Jason has my camera in France.  We went to visit Nathan's family for two weeks (his graduation present).  He'll fly back tomorrow and will be very busy making up class work so he can actually graduate in 7 weeks.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Glad it went so smoothly. That took a lot of organizing. Did your house get closed yet?

Neil said...

That's a lot happening. But you seem to have a way of turning pressure to fertilizer. Isn't is peculiar what we put up with from our pets?

Emily said...

I'm glad to hear everything went smoothly! Beth received and accepted an offer on her house within a week of having it on the market.

It's awesome how the Lord blesses when you let Him direct it.

brenda said...

We are going to miss that home. And the many wonders of Bend . Strange how your whole life can pack up and hit the road like that.