Friday, June 1, 2012

Marvelous Memorial Weekend Memorires

 I took the boys to visit Jessica and Michael for Memorial day weekend.  They just moved into a new apartment (more like the upstairs of a townhouse) that is light and roomy and lovely at Camas Commons. 
 Here is the kitchen and living room.  They boys played lots of video games, but we also went on some outings.
 The highlight was going with Ken and his girls to Camp Alpine on Saturday.  It was so great to spent time with them at this magical place because we will miss the family reunion in July this year.
 Trevor and Ann Marie are walking where the pond normally is.  It wasn't dammed yet.
 They found lots of snakes in the grass.  Ken's wondering if they're related.
 Rachel and Robin check out the captured snakes.
Curtis and Ann Marie playing at "Libby's Leap"
 Trevor and Michael testing the strength of the rope swing
 Rachel brought her bow/arrows and throwing knives.  She could be a medieval warrior!!
Michael, Trevor and Jason tried throwing the knives

Group shot at the archery range
 We took an excursion to nearby Alsea Falls.  Ann Marie got wetter than she expected.
 Ken shared his hot dogs and smores with us around a campfire
 My beautiful daughter who is turning 20 on Monday.  It was so great to spend time with her.
 Triumphal Trevor tidbit:  Trevor drove the car for the first time while we were at Alpine.  We drove around the meadow several times and then drove us out to the highway on the way home.  He has been hesitant to drive up until now but he seems to really like it.  Town driving is a little scarier.
Trevor earned his Life Scout rank this last week.  He's pinning me at the Court of Honor.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Loved seeing pictures and hearing about your weekend. It was magical! So glad Jessica and Michael got into Camas Commons. Congratulations to Trevor.

Wanda Jean Wach said...

I loved looking at several blog posts. I don't get notifications when you have posted, so don't think to look at your Blog. What neat experiences your family has together. I was excited to see your acraege in NH and excited for your move there, too! xoxoxxo

Neil said...

Alpine is great for learning to drive, as well as the rest of that. Great pictures and great times