Sunday, June 7, 2009

June birthdays

Here's our new phase of life, with big kids enjoying our new property, trailer, and dirt bikes.

Jessica's birthday breakfast at IHOP with mom, dad and Curtis:YUM!

Jessica's birthday dinner (halibut)

Jessica's boyfriend, Wes, came for dinner and brought a cake he made.

complete with 17 re-lighting candles

Friday night was our first night camping on the property in our new (used) trailer.
Unity as a result of camping.

View of kitchen/dining area. The trailer sleeps five.

We bought a used travel trailer from a member of our ward who towed
it for us and helped set it up. It is in its permanent location now.

Now we have 3 dirt bikes. We got a Honda 70 for Curtis.
Jonathan helps Curtis learn to ride his dirt bike.

By the next day, Curtis could ride by himself and even start the engine!

Jason and Trevor riding.
There are lots of dirt roads around the property perfect for riding.

We came home from camping in time to get ready for Curtis' 10th
birthday party. Curtis broke the pinata.

Squirt gun fight. We also had a slip n slide and water balloons.

Curtis with his aide and friends from school.

We finished off our busy weekend with a piano recital at our home.
Trevor and Jessica performed along with 7 other students.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

What a packed weekend you had! the camper has more room than I had pictured. You'll have fun out there and get the boys away from the computer for a while! We hope to go camping with you later in the summer.

What a nice birthday dinner for Jessica. Congratulations on turning 17.

brenda said...

Wow--I'm surprised you have time to blog about all of it! You guys are amazing.

Did Jessica get my card? Was the cake as good as it looks? That was so nice of Wes.

Sam is saving his money for a dirt bike, so hopefully we'll have one by the year 2013. :0)

velvetelement said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, that is neat you have a little get away to get to when you want! Jessica's guy is cute too!