Friday, October 23, 2009

A month of illness

We've had the sick bug (no flu, just colds) at our house this last month. Trevor was the last to get it and finally went back to school today. I have not been getting any better and even worse this last week, so I finally went to the doctor to confirm that it is a virus (lingering bugger called MONO) and has to just run its course--no antibiotics will help. I learned a lot this week about treating colds. I have always shied away from over the counter cold medicine, thinking it's just a waste of money and won't help you get better faster. I guess I was wrong on that account. Not only do they help you feel better (although I can't tell much difference in my state), but if you reduce the drainage, it will prevent other problems like sore throats, sinus infection, etc. The NP was encouraging me to try a Neti Pot. Polly wrote about that. You irrigate your nasal passages with saline that clears everything out. I haven't tried it. I'm wondering if Polly liked it and think it helps prevent/treat congestion.

So, mono is like a cold that never ends. I guess it will end eventually, but saps all your energy in the meantime. On the up-side jonathan banned me from housework this week and so I have more time on the computer and I've been watching old Monk episodes.

Question: has your family been healthy this fall. If not, how do you treat your illnesses?


Imagitext said...

Yay, Monk!
Yes, well have been or are recovering. I liked the Neti Pot but Ann Marie didn't. ;)

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

So sorry to hear you have Mono. I've never had it before but friends who have say it can take awhile to bounce back.

The thing I like about using the neti pot is feeling proactive. Having a viral infection can leave you feeling like your hands are tied without any way to speed healing. We have yet to prove whether or not it is preventative. Our pediatrician encouraged use of nasal irrigation in general, because he has seen good results with his patients.

BTW, I am not as graceful as the online demonstration. ;)

My sister recommends ingesting garlic when you feel illness coming on. I mince a clove and swallow without chewing. It seems to help (coincidence?).

I have problems with fever blisters occasionally. When I feel a tingle, I take two/500mg. L-Lysine tablets for a couple of days and the fever blister doesn't get any bigger.

Those are the only things that I think work. Of course, washing hands and staying hydrated are probably the biggies.

Hope everyone stays well so you have a chance to heal and get your energy back. c:

velvetelement said...

We haven't really had colds but we all got a 24 flu bug except for Grace. Laura had in on a Wednesday night, Kate on Thursday night, and then Carl and I got it Friday night. Grace just had a stomach ache and was able to miss out on the vomiting fun. I have had what feels like the beginnings of a cold for awhile. I would like to just get the dang thing so I can get over it!

I have never had Mono either but my friends who have had it are like what Polly said, it took awhile to get over it. Good luck and I hope it passes soon for you.

As for treatments/remedies...I love Nyquil/Dayquil! I don't think it helps get rid of anything faster but makes you feel better while you are dealing with it. Carl likes the Alkeseltzer (sp) for colds and Theraflu, he thinks they help him to get over it faster.

Neil said...

Zachary had swine flu 2+ wks ago. He mainly stayed in his room, and was too sick to even enjoy Monk, which he and I like almost as much as Psych

brenda said...

I didn't read this until now. I like dayquil, but there is probably no substitute for rest. Mono can linger for months, right? You seem back to normal...are you? Sorry you had to go through that!