Sunday, July 5, 2009

Camp Alpine Family Reunion Pictures

Lakeside spectators

Ann Marie ziplines to her dad
Jessica and Wes in the canoe

Sam and Curtis canoeing

Grandma ziplining!!
see video below

We're ready to take another plunge!

Curtis works on his archery skills

Everyone wants S'mores!!

Getting things rolling: Trevor amuses himself on spool

4 out of 5 siblings (why is Neil always late?)

It was fun to watch a game of ultimate frisbee

cards games in the dining hall

couples fireside

Older cousins put on a skit:
"It's the raisins that make the Raisin Bran so great!"

Talent show audience: what a great group!

Grandma shares her 71st birthday with Jason Campbell

Virginia Reel

grandma ziplining


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Wow! That zipline was exciting!

Imagitext said...

I'm not in any of the pictures! (HalfEvilgenius laugh)

brenda said...

You and Jonathan were so cute holding hands everywhere you went!

velvetelement said...

Camp Alpine is so much fun!