Saturday, September 27, 2008


Change in seasons and lots of changes for my family this fall.  Jason started highschool and seminary, so he has had to adjust to getting up at 5:30am.  I'm proud of him for his 100% attendance and positive attitude.  He has also had to adjust to lots of homework.

Curtis also started a new school this fall and has had lots of adjustments as well.  His misses his old school and aides as he works with inexperienced people who don't know what he is capable of. His main complaint is that he is bored, so they are trying to find projects that keep him motivated.  He goes swimming during school on Tuesdays, gymnastics and cub scouts on Wednesdays, and soccer on Fridays.

Jessica is trying to balance difficult classes and still work part-time at Cold Stone.  She loves the independence of driving and likes to have her own spending money.  She is running a half-marathon today for the fun of it.  She hasn't been doing any serious training and just runs for exercise.  

Trevor's big change is moving out of Primary and becoming a deacon.  It's fun to watch him pass the sacrament from my vantage point at the organ.  He went on a big backpacking trip last weekend with the scouts, got rained on and cold, but had a blast in the wilderness.  He is also doing gymnastics through school and is a natural at the dive and roll maneuver.

My big change is being released from Young Womens.  It was very hard for me and I don't know what to do with myself on Wednesday evenings.  Jonathan and I are now Provident Living specialists and ward organists.  I feel like these are old lady callings and I've been put out to pasture.  I've been busy canning this month (peaches, pears and jam), so at least I have something to show for the hours that I'm home alone.


Neil said...

The guy that won the x-terra half marathon yesterday went to Crater High School. I hope Jessica had fun. It looked like some of the course was on trail.
If I remember right, a previous preparedness person in your ward that I met a few yrs ago was relatively young and quite energetic.
Any pasture with your canned fruit can't be too bad.

brenda said...

It's fun to imagine Trevor passing the sacrament! I'm having trouble keeping Berkeley in pants that fit. For years I've looked at those deacons in their high-waters and now I understand how hard it is for moms to keep up with their growing bodies!

Thanks for the update...keep bloggin!

velvetelement said...

I bet you two will really enjoy your new callings. It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well, that is good to hear. Take care.

brenda said...

I'm tagging you, Sheryl. You are supposed to write 7 weird or interesting things about yourself. I did it (twice) on my blog.

sheryl said...

Trevor is also growing rapidly, but luckily has hand-me-down church pants and shoes from Jason. Jason is the only one I have to shop for (Jessica buys her own)