Sunday, November 16, 2008

October Favorite pics

We love Halloween!!!  Here's some pictures of our fun October.  The boys designed their own costumes this year based on Nintendo characters.

Mario and Luigi (Trevor and Jason) were a big hit at Trunk or Treat.
I found the overalls at a thrift store.

Curtis as "Bowser."  Trevor helped him make this costume with a lid, hat and paper.  P.S. I didn't know who Bowser was before Halloween, but all the fellow trick-or-treaters did.

Trevor's scary Jack O Lantern

   Curtis was fearless on the pumpkin patch  zipline after his adventures at Camp Alpine.

Petting a goat on field trip to a working farm in Terrebonne. 

Curtis choosing a pumpkin on his school field trip

Our new cat "Boots."  Curtis says Boots is Halloween colors and our other cat, Muffin, is Thanksgiving colors.  Boots is a playful, older kitten.  Muffin had some sibling rivalry, but has adjusted to Boots' playful companionship and is only slightly annoyed.  We love both cats. 


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

What great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Who is Bowser?

I'll bet everyone smiled in the Sac. meeting presentation. Wish we could have been there.

brenda said...

Have your kids ever heard about the original "Boots"? They look alike!

Great post! I'm sure my kids will be impressed by the costumes--they look great although I don't know Bowser.

Ken said...

Hey, we had a Boots! I wonder if there are any photos of him.

Nice outfits. Cooridinated theme! No wonder they were a hit.

Imagitext said...

Scary. I know who Bowser is from Wii Mariocart.

Oh, this is a good one: sneese

velvetelement said...

Great costumes and Curtis's field trip looked like a fun one. One can never ride too many zip lines!

sheryl said...

Bowser is a bad guy. He looks like a turtle with spikes on his shell, horns, and fiery red hair. I guess he turns good in the end after he defeat everyone else.