Saturday, May 30, 2009

May Blog

Our new toys: Yamaha 125 and Honda 150 dirt bikes

Jason trying out the hill

Andrei visiting Lava Lands with us
We also went in Lava River Cave

Brenda's Banana Birthday Pie

Curtis' class fieldtrip to the Youth Camp
(built on old Rashneeshe site)

Curtis rock climbing at field trip

We hosted a Preparedness Fair for two wards with 10 booths
I served food storage samples:beans=yum!!!

Jonathan showing his penny stove


Ken said...

Quite a May. If we have a disaster, I'm heading for your place.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

We enjoyed our visit and learned a lot at the fair. Thanks for your hospitality. It's rather quiet here by comparison!

Love, Mom

brenda said...

You look like you're having too much fun at the preparedness fair. :0)

Thanks again for the wonderful birthday weekend!

Neil said...

you ought to take that preparedness fair on the road. Can we have some stir-fry wheat that the reunion? THanks for the great pictures!