Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Princess Jessica's sad tale

                                   Princess Jessica and Prince Aaron

                              Royally crashed royal blue horseless carriage

Once upon a few weeks ago, Princess Jessica was anxious to exert her independence and visit the charming Prince Aaron in the land of Port. She embarked on her first solo, long-distance trip in her royal blue, horseless carriage. She traveled over the mountains and through the woods for a few hours until darkness fell and fog engulfed her. She came upon the city of Salem in her dark and foggy (and tired) condition. As she approached a green light at the freeway entrance, she misjudged the distance of the stopped car in front of her and skidded her carriage into the back of the other carriage. Luckily no one was injured (except for hubris). Unfortunately the royal blue, horseless carriage was totaled and towed to an impound lot. Princess Jessica was very upset and scared, especially after being yelled at by the other party (they were on their way home from the hospital with their newborn baby). A kind and reassuring police officer escorted her to the Salem police department where she waited for her kind Uncle Mike from the land of Port to rescue her.

Princess Jessica managed to enjoy the rest of her weekend with the Andrei clan and Prince Aaron's lovely family. The following day, on the other side of the mountain, Princess Jessica's mother spent hours on the phone with insurance agents, towing companies and police stations to determine what to do with the royally smashed, horseless carriage. Late on that Friday afternoon it became obvious that the insurance company was not going to spend a dime or lift a finger to help us relocate the royally smashed carriage to a junkyard. It would be necessary for us to personally come to take care of the details: pay the towing fee from the crash site, pay the $30/day storage fee, including the upcoming weekend when they would be closed, remove Princess Jessica's belongings, and relinquish the title of the carriage. As Jonathan was the true owner of the royal blue vehicle with his name on all the official paperwork, he made the drive over the mountains and through the woods Sunday evening to the land of Port. Princess Jessica accompanied him on Monday morning as it was time to leave Prince Aaron in the land of Port and return to reality. They visited the impound lot, took care of the above details (with the addition of driving to an ATM because they would only accept cash), and returned safely home.

Now Princess Jessica is riding her steed (bike) or borrowing the family carriage to drive to work afterschool (she's back at Cold Stone). I'm not sure why, at sixteen, she must learn so many lessons the hard way, on her own, but learning she is. And she is still living, happily.


Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Save this! It is a classic which Jessica will appreciate when she is married with children.

Jessica, we're glad you weren't hurt. I've (ahem) been in a fender bender or two myself. It's embarrassing isn't it?

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

What a creative way to tell the story.

brenda said...

Ever after, we hope!

Gail said...

Jewel had a similar experience at her age, and she learned a great deal from it! I worried a lot about the family who owned the car she totaled, but the owner told me later, much to my relief, that it was a blessing in disguise! She had tried to sell that car without luck, needed the money to outfit a son for a mission, and she got exactly enough from insurance. I thought it was very nice of her to let me know rather than let me stew in my juices (which would have been more the normal reaction).