Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Freezoree AKA freeze your rear

Here's some pictures from last month's snow campout, between Sisters and Bachelor
Jason and his buddies built an enormous igloo, about 5 feet tall and wide enough for 5 boys. It took them until dark to complete it the Saturday before the campout, but they had a blast.
This is the smaller one that only took half a day to build.
Jonathan in the entrance to the snow cave he and Trevor and Trevor's friend, Josh, built. The Saturday before the Freezoree, a group of boys went to the snow park and built shelters. This one is a quinzy (sp?). They piled tons of snow into a hill, then dug ground level in and up for the entrance, then widened the inside big enough for three to sleep in.
Trevor shows how spacious his snow cave is. You can even put your feet up!
Here's a view from the outside.
Troop competition:
Human ladder with Trevor chosen as the climber because of his special skills
Our troop was one of only 3 that could build a fire in the snow (Jonathan gave them pointers ahead of time).


brenda said...

Sounds like Jonathan has found his niche with those boys.

velvetelement said...

That looks very cool I bet they had a blast!