Friday, March 11, 2016

Oregon February 2015

Prior to the Sisters' Hawaii trip, I got to spend four days with the Brewsters.  Jessica and Quin picked me up from Brenda's in Portland and we spent the afternoon at the Portland Zoo.

Quin loved watching the elephants

Leaving the stroller behind

Watching the goats

 Neil and Gideon drove up the Springfield that night to see us!  Saturday morning we went to achildren's museum called the Science Factory.  Quin loved the ball pit.

Neil and Gideon

Quin is obsessed with numbers

Gideon putting things away as fast as Quin can get them out!

Astronaut Gideon

That afternoon we hiked nearby Spencer Butte.  It was only a mile each way, but steep with a beautiful view from the top.
Hike up Spencer Butte

Sheryl and Neil on Spencer Butte

Playtime at Brewsters!

Sunday afternoon walk to the park near their new home in Springfield
 Monday morning we drove to Corvallis for Jessica's ultrasound.

It's a boy!!!

Mike's birthday lunch at Chipotle after the ultrasound

We had dinner at great grandma's with Ken's family
So glad I had a chance to spend time with the Brewsters, both of my brothers and some of their families and my parents.  New Hampshire and August family reunions are too far away!!

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Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Looks like you had such a good time. I'm glad you could visit them and that Neil came up. Your pictures are worth a thousand words each.