Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Here are the temples we stopped at on our trip to New Hampshire

Winters Quarters, Nebraska Temple in Omaha
where saints set up a temporary village to use as way-station in 1846 on the trek west
Today there is a visitor center, pioneer cemetery, and temple

The stained-glass was done by the same artist who did the stained glass in the Palmyra temple and Nauvoo baptistry

                       Jessica and Jason

Nauvoo temple, stunningly beautiful on the hill over looking Nauvoo.  It is very large and a huge monument to those early saints who gave their all to building Zion.  I did an endowment session with my mom and Jessica & Michael while my dad went with the boys and Jonathan to do baptisms.

Kirtland Ohio temple
We were able to tour the inside of this temple.  The reorganized church (Community of Christ) owns it and does a great job of keeping up the building and grounds and has a lovely visitor center.

Palmyra New York temple
We walked around the outside.  This temple has beautiful stained glass depicting the sacred grove.  It sits up on a hill and looks down on the sacred grove.  Likewise, you can see the temple through the trees of the Smith farm.

                         View of Palmyra temple from the Smith Farm

I'm looking forward to seeing the Boston temple, the closest to our new home.  It's closed for three weeks right now, but we'll go next month.  It looks beautiful.

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Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

I'm glad you're going to be nearer a temple and will be able to go more often. We'd like to go to the Boston Temple with you in November.

Your photos were beautiful.